Troy Allen

Troy Allen has over 30 years experience in the insurance and financial services industries. Having worked in small community banks and Fortune 500 Firms, his knowledge base is varied and in-depth. Although his positions varied over time, Troy’s primary responsibilities revolved around managing marketing and operations and concentrated heavily on direct response marketing channels. Most of these positions required extensive product and process design and deployment. In particular, they concentrated on continuous improvement of current technological resources and integration of new technology to improve both the customer experience and process efficiency.

Prior to coming to Broker to Broker, Troy spent over four years as the chief architect of Kroll’s Fraud Solutions group. As Chief Operating Officer Fraud Solutions, he set the direction of the company to ensure its continued success in identity theft discovery, investigation and restoration. Troy is a seasoned expert in security and risk mitigation who focused on the increasing challenges faced by the public and private sectors in protecting sensitive data and personal information from loss, theft and fraud. He was a frequent speaker and author on the types of data breaches being experienced by thousands of organizations, and what steps can be taken to better protect confidential data and to recover it should a data breach occur.  He spent a significant amount of time counseling corporations, non-profits and government entities on data protection and data breach response.

Troy holds an MBA with a concentration in Marketing and an Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.