Protocol Compliant Rapid Turn Around Solutions

  • Next Day Shipping– 24 Hours – AVAILABLE!
  • Two Day Shipping– 48 Hours – AVAILABLE!
  • Three Day Shipping– 72 Hours – AVAILABLE!

The recent creation of Protocol within the industry has created a unique set of challenging requirements within the broker transfer client mailing industry. The restrictions on the data that can be provided and when it can be provided to a broker’s new firm, or the new firm’s vendor, has significantly reduced the time frame in which documents can be produced, collated, and delivered to clients.

What used to be done over the course of two or three weeks is now needed within a few days.

To address this, Broker to Broker has implemented a series of new services in addition to those we’ve always provided under our Rapid Turn Around (RTA) Solutions.

We will work even more closely with you and your incoming reps to set up projects in the two weeks leading up to the date of transition.  Then, we can receive your client data and deliver your packages in 24, 48, or 72 hours depending on the needs of your firm , what you want in your packages, and how you want them delivered.

Please contact us for full details on how to take advantage of these incredibly rapid, turn around solutions.